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Frequently Asked Questions

I ordered PSYCHED 31, but I haven’t gotten an email to register.

Sometimes automated emails (like registration emails) get sent to the junk or spam folder. Please check there.

I can’t remember my password. How do I access psyched 31?

Go to psyched31.com and click the login link at the top of the page. Then click the “Forgot Password?” link below the login button.

I was able to access the course and set up a password, but now I can’t find the site again.

Go to psyched31.com and click the login link at the top of the page.

I tried going back to the original email and clicking on the register button, but it says “page no longer found.”

The original email was to verify your email address. This was a temporary link, and has since expired. To login from now on, please go to psyched31.com and click the login link at the top of the page.

When I go to Teachable, it tells me i need to create a Teachable account. Why do I have to do this?

Teachable is the platform we use to host the daily video portion of the PSYCHED31 experience. You do not have to create a “My Teachable” account if you do not wish to. The purpose of the “My Teachable” account is for enrollment in multiple schools. Let’s say you wanted to be enrolled in the PSYCHED31 experience, as well as an online cooking course hosted by someone else through Teachable, the “My Teachable” account would allow you to access both through the same account and dashboard. As it stands, you can simply enroll in PSYCHED31 through the email you receive after purchasing your journal without having to create a “My Teachable” account.

When I go to psyched31.com, there is nowhere to log in to access the videos.

Soon after launching, we realized this was an issue, and have since put a link on psyched31.com to login. You should now see it at the top of the page.

When I search for PSYCHED31 on Teachable, the course can’t be found.

PSYCHED31 is not listed as a public course on Teachable, and that is why it does not show up in any of the searches. Our product is unique - the videos are meant to accompany the physical journal. If we were to make our course public, then people would be able to access the videos by themselves. To purchase your physical journal and get access to the video series, please visit psyched31.com/getpsyched.